Flexible Packages; Pricing Solutions

Choose the perfect  package that fits your needs and budget. Zuricom offers competitive pricing options to streamline your communication efforts.

SMS Packages Pricing

SMS Volume Cost per SMS (KES)
1 – 20,000K 1.00
20,001 – 59,999 0.80
60,000 – 99,999 0.70
100K – 999,999 0.50
1M - 10M 0.30
Above 10M 0.20

Please note that up to 160 characters are considered one message. Any message exceeding that character limit will be counted as a new message.

For shared shortcode services, there is a one-time setup fee of Kes. 10,000 and a monthly network fee of Kes. 5,800.

For dedicated shortcode services, there is a one-time setup fee of Kes. 25,000, along with a monthly network fee of Kes. 15,000 + VAT, totaling Kes. 17,400.

Sender ID

–  Sender ID registration is required, with a fee of KES 7,000 per Sender ID for each network (Airtel, Safaricom, and Telkom).

–  Safaricom requires a separate Sender ID for transactional and promotional SMS. The mandatory documentation for Sender ID registration includes:

    • A Sender ID letter, created on the client’s letterhead, signed, and stamped.
    • A copy of the business certificate of incorporation, trademark license, or business registration license.

USD Codes

Shared USSD code

  • One-time setup fee: Kes. 15,000.
  • Monthly rental fee: Kes. 5,800 for prepaid and Kes. 5,800 for postpaid tariff.
  • Postpaid tariff incurs a charge of 1.5 shillings per hop.

Dedicated USSD code for ALL networks

    • One-time setup fee for Safaricom and Airtel: Kes. 140,000.
    • Monthly fee per network: Kes. 40,000.
    • Safaricom also requires a one-month deposit of Kes. 40,000, as requested by Safaricom.
    • For Telkom and Equitel setup, you can charge Kes. 75,000 each or Kes. 100,000 (which includes a cost of Kes. 50,000 plus VAT).
    • The monthly network fee for all 4 networks is Kes. 40,000.
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