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Send mass SMS messages efficiently to engage and inform your audience, enhancing communication outreach.


Easily recharge airtime credit on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, using Zuricom's quick and secure service.


Access instant, interactive services, surveys, and transactions through USSD codes for seamless customer engagement.


Send impactful voice messages directly to your audience for a personalized and engaging communication experience.


Customize caller experiences with entertaining ringback tones, making lasting and memorable impressions.


Leverage WhatsApp Business API for secure, efficient, and responsive business interactions with customers.


Send Unlimited SMS message to any number

Zuritalk’s SMS service empowers you to effortlessly send unlimited messages to any mobile number in Kenya and across Africa. Our user-friendly bulk SMS Gateway is equipped with robust capabilities, ensuring instant delivery of thousands of SMS messages with ease.


Instant Airtime Top-Up: Stay Connected!

Experience ultimate convenience with Zuricom’s Airtime Top-Up Service. Easily recharge your mobile credit via our secure paybill number, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity wherever you are in Africa. Stay connected effortlessly.

Personalized Voice Messaging

Connect Personally with Voice Messages

Deliver personalized voice messages directly to your audience for an engaging and memorable communication experience. Whether you’re conveying important information or adding a human touch to your messages, our Voice SMS service ensures a quick and effective way to connect with your recipients. Make a lasting impact with our impactful voice communication.

Instant Interactive Engagement

Boost Engagement with USSD Services

Implement instant and interactive customer engagement, surveys, and mobile transactions with our USSD services. Enhance your customer experience with real-time interaction, user-friendly interfaces, and cost-efficient transactions. Our USSD solutions offer immediate results, simplifying complex processes and making it easier for businesses to connect with their customers.

Caller Experience Enhancement

Enhance Caller Experiences with Tones

Enhance caller experiences by customizing ringback tones, leaving a lasting and enjoyable impression on callers. Choose from a wide array of entertaining and brand-boosting tones, ensuring each caller’s interaction with your business is memorable and engaging. Our Ringback Tones service offers a unique way to personalize your brand and keep callers entertained

Seamless Business Communication

Connect Seamlessly with WhatsApp API

Achieve seamless and secure business communication using the WhatsApp Business API, ensuring real-time engagement with customers. Unlock the potential of real-time conversations, secure transactions, and high engagement rates. Our WhatsApp Business API service facilitates secure and responsive business interactions, connecting your brand with customers effectively and efficiently.

Industries We Serve:


Enhance student and parent communication, send updates, and conduct surveys for better engagement and feedback.


Streamline guest communication, reservation confirmations, and promotions to create exceptional guest experiences.

Banks | Saccos

Improve account alerts, transaction notifications, and customer engagement with secure and efficient messaging solutions.


Keep customers informed about service reminders, new offers, and promotions for a personalized driving experience.

Religious Institutions

Connect with your congregation through event reminders, inspirational messages, and prayer alerts for spiritual outreach.

Betting Firms

Engage bettors with real-time updates, odds notifications, and promotional offers for an immersive betting experience.


Facilitate citizen engagement with important announcements, alerts, and surveys for transparent and efficient governance.


Boost customer loyalty with promotional offers, order confirmations, and delivery updates for seamless shopping experiences.

Telecom & Technology

Engage bettors with real-time updates, odds notifications, and promotional offers for an immersive betting experience.

Empowering Communication Solutions

Unlock the Potential of Our Comprehensive Services

At Zuricom, we offer a wide range of communication solutions, including Bulk SMS, Short Codes, Voice SMS, USSD, Ringback Tones, WhatsApp Business API, and Airtime Top-Up. Our services cater to various industries and are designed to streamline communication, engage audiences effectively, and enhance customer experiences. Whether you’re a business, educational institution, government agency, or any other organization, Zuricom provides the tools you need for seamless, secure, and efficient communication.

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